Happy Family

Happy Family is a video series that explores advise, tips, and recommendations from various couples on how to live a happy family life. The couples interviewed are in various stages of their relationship and are asked to answer questions regarding a variety of topics, including: love, communication, conflict resolution, gender differences, expressing love, parenting styles, coping with grief, divorce prevention, sexual intimacy, being single, money, abuse, and parenting - rewards and discipline. Each video will be accompanied by a study guide and we will release a new video each week so be sure to stay tuned!

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Episode 2




In Episode 2,  for the last three weeks Andre has been coming home late from work, leaving his wife Alicia to manage their four overactive children. Tonight, she wants to confront him. How can she speak so that he will listen? Learn more about how couples share what tools they feel are effective for communication.

Episode 3

Conflict Resolution



In Episode 3, their Income Tax Return has arrived, and Oliver and Sophia are at war! She wants to pay off their credit card debt. But he insists on buying a new car, and this makes her very angry! How can they resolve their conflict?